The History of the Pine River Art Club

Dick York painting
The Pine River Art Club was organized in 1960 by
Bessie Hanson, a Pine River resident, and from a nucleus of four or five other artists in the area.

Original painting by Dick York, one of the Artist Club Founders

Original members include: Bessie Hanson, Vi West, Dick York, Amanda Amy, Lowell Hanson, Art Des Hayes, Geralding Eisman, Tom Riley, Peggy Anderson, Dan Brown and Hommer Dimmick. The Club currently has 22 active members.
The Art Club has had its success with supporting traditional works of art by its members. It prides itself on the talents of its artists who in general are realistic painters, and illustrators. As our membership is varied, we have various levels of skills.

The name "Pine River Art Club" was determined at the third meeting on March 11, 1960. paintings of founders

Original work of our Club Founding Artists.

 In the beginning meetings were usually held at the homes of its members. By July 1961 meetings had moved to the Marlow Theater Clubroom. Other venues for the monthly meetings included the Armory Club Room, the Cass County Library (today the Pine River Library), the Government Center, and the Minnesota Power Building. Our present day meeting place, since 2003, is at the Warehouse in downtown Pine River.

We welcome new members. Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Membership fees are $10.00 per year.

Artist Quote:  I never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso. -- Diego Rivera