Join the Pine River Art Club

If you have an interest in art and make your own art, we invite you to join our club.

There is no age limit, and most forms of art are accepted. Please bring a sample of your work to show, if you are interested in joining.
We hold our meetings each first Wednesday of every month. Our meeting location is at the Warehouse, 307 Norway Avenue,  Pine River, 56474, 218-587-5404.
We discuss local art news, ways in which we can participate in the larger community with our art. We have a paint brush drawing each time with a dime donation. We also allow time for critiques of each other's work.

Following each meeting is an opportunity to stay and paint and draw for awhile with fellow members.

warehouseThe Art Club has had its success with supporting traditional works of art by its members. It prides itself on the talents of its artists who in general, are realistic painters, and illustrators.
As our membership is varied, we have various presentation of skill levels. 

Each June, we have our Art Show and Sale, where all members have the chance  to exhibit and sell their current work.
Our Club Rules:
1. To be eligible for membership in the Pine River Art Club, one must have had some art instruction or show unique talent.
2. Anyone interested in joining may attend one meeting and bring a sample of his/her original work to show for critique.
3. Each member should plan to attned the monthly meetings regularly, if at all possible.
4.  To derive the most benefit from belonging to the Club, members should try to ocassionally bring their artwork to the meetings for critique, finished or unfinished.
5.  Anyone is welcome to join the Club providing they fulfill the above stated requirements. For those who do not live in the area year round,  it is required that  4 to 6 meeting are attended per year.
6. Membership fees are $10.00 per year.

Artist Quote:   The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.    --Vincent Van Gogh